I am in Evanston already and I hope this is the longest break between two posts this blog will ever see. In my defense, I was busy wrapping up a bunch of stuff before I had to fly to Evanston earlier this week. Over the last few weeks, I

  • Wrapped up my work and bid goodbye to my amazing colleagues
  • Took a short trip with the wife thinking that it will make the away time a bit easier (it hasn’t so far)
  • Spent time with my parents who flew to Bangalore to see me off
  • Met some close friends who have been around through thick and thin

I took the flight from Bangalore on Sunday evening and, after 2 layovers and 30 hours later (with 15 hours on a seat with a broken reclining mechanism and no other free seats), landed in Chicago on 14th morning. I checked into my apartment in Orrington Avenue in Evanston which is a short drive from Chicago O’Hare Airport.

The apartment building is run by Northwestern University and is only for Kellogg students. It was built in 1980s through a gift from James McManus’56 and is quite functional (but not necessarily the most contemporary one)

McManus Living Center – Home for over 250+ Kellogg students

Over the last few days, I set up my apartment, took a local phone number and got the bank account sorted. Thankfully, the apartment building is located at the city center and pretty much everything in within 10 mins walk.

Also, I had ordered my laptop a few weeks backs and got it delivered to a friend who was already here. In total, there were no issues in settling in (apart from a terrible case of jet lag because of no sleep in a non-reclining seat, thanks Etihad!)

So far, I have had the chance to interact with only a few students as the majority of the class has yet to reach. I reckon I will be meeting a lot of them during the mandatory check-in on 18th August.

First Impressions

I walked a lot around the campus and the one thing that you realize immediately is – that it is gorgeous! The architecture is a mix of some quaint as well ultra-modern contemporary buildings and it all comes together well.

NU purple!

Global Hub – Kellogg’s new home

I have shared a bunch of photos on Instagram, you can check them out here.

People I have come across so far are really nice! Whether its the folks at the bank who helped set up the account, or the staff at the restaurants, everybody has been quite welcoming (with my confusion in figuring out stuff it didn’t take them long to figure out that I am new here!).

And of course the weather is at its best as well. I have been told by people (with fear and remorse in their eyes) that it will go to the other extreme quite soon and that I should enjoy this time while it lasts.

What’s next

So, I am fully set and functional now and can’t wait for the things to get started. As the next step, we have to spend the whole day on 18th August at Global Hub for mandatory check-in where we will be issued our name tags, lockers and get our professional head shots taken for the student directory. The international students need to check-in with the International Office to get some paperwork done.

In the evening, there is a welcome picnic scheduled for the incoming students as well their spouses to meet and get to know their class.

Later in night, I am meeting my KWEST (more about it here) buddies for drinks and dinner before we fly off to our KWEST destination on 19th early morning.

Where am I going, you ask?


Everybody has agreed that this is going to be the best KWEST trip of this year (OK, I might have made some assumptions there but you get the point). I am sharing a video that highlights the trip from the last year and if that’s any reference, the trip is going to be EPIC!

More later.