I guess those were too many abbreviations for the blog title. But then that’s what I have lived through over the last one month.


In case it weren’t obvious in my last post, I was pretty excited for going to Costa Rica and Panama with a bunch of KWESTIES. And I must say the whole of the KWEST week over-delivered on my expectations, and by a huge margin!

We (25 of us including 5 trip leaders from 2nd year) spent 4 days in Costa Rica and 2 in Panama and did a bunch of interesting activities including zip-lining, getting drunk in hot-springs, trail around a volcano, more getting drunk in hot-springs, visit Panama Canal and did I say getting drunk in hot-springs.

The highlight for me though was “The Big Reveal”. Across all of the KWEST groups, we were asked to not share anything about us (country of origin, work-experience, relationship status etc.) but the first name with the rest of the folks. So for the first few days of the trip, you couldn’t figure out whether somebody is a student or a JV – (Joint Venture – partner of the Kellogg studentĀ  can come on the trip as well), what did they do before etc. During “The Big Reveal”, people form small groups to write down all those aspects of each person. And everybody was in for some surprises when the truth came out; it was a nice way of realizing how often we end up creating biases which are more often than not too far from the truth.

If you are coming to Kellogg, I would highly recommend to go for KWEST. You will get some life long friends, I know that I did.


Right after KWEST, we kicked off our CIM (Complete Immersion in Management) week that involved a bunch of activities with your section (Go Bullfrogs!), some fantastic keynotes highlighting Kellogg’s ideologies to prepare brave leaders for tomorrow and sessions (such as Case Method) to help transition into the way of learning to be expected for next 2 years. Overall it was a great week to bond with your section-mates, learn nuances about aspects that businesses should pay attention to now, and condition the mind for what looks like intense 2 years.


In parallel with CIM we took two pre-term classes: Leadership in Organizations (MORS) and Business Analytics (DECS). Pre-term runs for 2 weeks and both courses cover topics which would help you make the most out of Kellogg experience from learning point of view – both academic as well as club/social opportunities. It made for a good simulation before moving full time back into the student life during fall quarter!

Fall Quarter

They said b-school gets hectic pretty soon and I didn’t realize that before fall quarter started! I am taking four courses this quarter and between assignments, group-work, readings etc, two weeks just went by before I had time to take a step back and think deeper about the way I should approach this madness and make the most out of it. I am experimenting with a couple of things here to better manage acads + social + recruiting commitments and will post more detail as I go along.

This weekend, we celebrated Drag TG as a conclusion to Pride@Kellogg week showing our support to the LGBT community at the school and beyond. Drag TG is the most popular TG event at Kellogg and brings together the sections once again. Each section prepares a performance with guys dressed as girls and girls dressed as guys; and yours truly contributed to it as well. There are enough pictures from the event to compromise careers even before they started, I will anyway leave one of mine here.

Also, I have gotten involved with Kellogg On Growth for this year’s conference. This forum was something I was genuinely excited about much before coming here and glad that I got a chance to play a role. I will write more as this goes further.

More later.