In January this year, I decided to enroll at Kellogg School Of Management for its 2-year MBA program starting this fall. This brought an end to the more than an year long journey of GMAT prep, resume building, essay writing, essay editing, essay scrapping and some more essay writing. But I am glad now that it is over and feel privileged to have 3 of the top most schools offering to take me in.

I decided on Kellogg because I found better fit with the school in terms of the overall experience and career opportunities that I wish to explore post MBA (and of course the gorgeous new building!).

Kellogg Admit Letter

Although, once the high of getting an admit got over, I have been experiencing sinusoidal emotions. On one side, I am quite excited about moving to a new country to start this new phase of my life along with ~500 smart folks from all over the world. And on the other side, I am anxious about taking such a dramatic step way out of my comfort zone and that too without the people and the environment which I had become habitual to. I think this emotion is summed up by the words of a fellow Kellogg mate which she shared when we were discussing on the topic “Life sahi to chal rahi thi (roughly translates to – I am having an okayish life), why push myself in fire“. I guess time will tell whether it was all worth it.

During the entire application process, I got immense help from the blogs of various b-school students (current as well as graduated) highlighting their time at the respective schools. From motivating myself to start writing essays to getting specific insights about the school to include in my application, the blogs played an important role in putting forward my candidacy to that school. I had decided back then that I will start my own blog should I get into a school and decide to enroll, and will share my own perspective on the madness that b-school supposedly is. And here we are.

I aim to blog (hopefully regularly!) with two key audiences in mind:

  • Keeping friends and family here updated about what’s happening in my life. Some of the posts will focus on them specifically and I do apologize in advance for that. Given that I am going to be time crunched (and ~12 hours time difference doesn’t make it easy) blog is certainly a good way to keep in touch with them.
  • Helping prospective MBA candidates (Kellogg or others) by providing a glimpse into the b-school life. Although I will not be posting about how to get into a b-school (enough webpages on the internet are dedicated for that already), I am happy to answer any specific questions that you might have (please drop me a mail on the address mentioned on the right).

Now that the introductions are made, let me highlight where I currently stand with respect to the move:

  • My visa is stamped and I have completed most of the school related paperwork; although some insurance and financial aid bit still remains but those are quite straight forward and I should be done with them in next couple of weeks
  • I have been assigned my apartment at McManus Centre (graduate housing for Kellogg MBA students on the campus); its a fully furnished set up (including internet, gas etc.) which I am quite glad about

And, for the most important part, I know where I am going for my pre-Kellogg trip! But more on that in the next post.